The Origination of The Hero of Canton, Ohio

The original Hero of Canton is Jayne Cobb. Of course he’s a fictional character played by Adam Baldwin in the short-lived TV show and under appreciated sci-fi movie Firefly and Serenity, respectively. In the show Canton was a small slave town on one of the outer planets, and was nothing like the vibrant city of Canton, Ohio that is the subject of this blog.

Why am I The Hero of Canton?

So now you know where the name comes from, let’s talk about me. My name is Stoney deGeyter (yes, Stoney is my real name.) I moved to Canton, Ohio over Memorial Day holiday in 2009. Unfortunately, my belongings didn’t arrive for another 36 days as they were held captive by the Russian Mob. True story.

Life is full of adventure and that was the first of many that I have and continue to experience as I live my life in Canton, Ohio.

The Hero of Canton on Hocking Hills Railway at sunset

I’ve moved quite a bit throughout my life, especially for not being a military brat. I was born in Southern California but moved to Southern Oregon when I was five years old. Rogue River, Oregon was my home for the single longest duration I’ve ever spent in one place. When I turned 20 I moved eight miles away to Grants Pass, Oregon, and then a year or so later to Kirkland, Washington for college.

From Kirkland I moved to Seattle, Washington. The inner city of Seattle to be precise. That was an experience. A few years later I moved to Antioch, California, a few years later to Sacramento, California then to Reno, Nevada. Six years later I moved to Canton, and haven’t looked back.

In a past life I was a licensed pastor with the Assemblies of God and youth pastored for several years in Seattle (inner-city again), Antioch and Sacramento. I finally gave up that pursuit as finding decently paying gigs was essential in order to feed my family.

For the past 10+ years I’ve run my own website marketing company. This affords me time to prowl around the town at night, but unfortunately I usually just sit on my butt and watch TV. Luckily I have friends that drag my sorry behind off the couch and make me explore my whereabouts, looking for things to do, places to go, food to consume, and whatever else there is in between.

Oddly, I’m not much of a sports fan. I know. This puts me at odds with most people in the world, and at even oddser (odders? bigger odds?) with the residents of the home of the Football Hall of Fame. Go figure. You can read more about me here.

I welcome your feedback and hope you enjoy the show.

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