• 99 Bottles of Beer and a Whole Lotta Food

    Jimmy’s Restaurant and Lounge is a nice little bar with a lot of food flavor that’s worth checking out. A few weeks back Jen and I attempted to eat lunch at Jimmy’s Restaurant and Lounge in North Canton, but instead [...]

  • Wine Me, Refine Me, Basement Dine Me

    Main Street Grille is a surprising little restaurant that offers more than meets the eye. I normally do all my eating out with Jen but on a few occasions I find other/new friends to eat with. I got to know [...]

  • Looking Out Into a Sea of Gray

    Take your family to Lindsay’s Amber Restaurant for a nice meal in a friendly environment. This may come as a surprise to you but I really don’t get to eat out that often. Many people I know eat out several [...]

  • My Big Fat Greek Gyro

    Papa Gyros’ Gyros are fresh, juicy and big enough for two… If you’re willing to share. It was a dark and rainy evening, I was fighting off the last remaining bits of being sick and food was on my mind [...]

  • With So Many TVs I Don’t Know What To Eat

    As advertised, Roosters is a fun, casual joint where you don’t need to think about what you eat. I wanted to title this post “Just Another Cock-a-Doody Sports Bar” but I was afraid that too many readers wouldn’t get the [...]

  • When In Doubt… Eat Out

    Bill and Mary’s Diner has the best potato cakes ever… and some other food too. Ever have one of those mornings when you planned everythign just right only to find out you had your timing off? Sunday was one of [...]

Your Guide to Canton, Ohio (You May Need Napkins)

Outdoor Adventures

outdoors-th Ahhh, the sun! Just because your rear fits perfectly in that butt-shaped indentation in your sofa doesn't mean you have to plant it there all weekend. Everyone could use a little adventure now and again (not to mention some exercise and fresh air.)

Indoor Fun

indoor-th Some days are meant for being indoors. But that doesn't mean sitting around watching TV while stuffing your face with potato chips (mmm, potato chips!) all day. There is plenty of entertainment to be had while keep you warm (or cool) and dry.

Day Trips

daytrip-th Yes, there is life outside of Canton, Ohio as many of my readers tell me. Why not hop in the car with friends or family (or alone, if you're into that sort of thing) and take a day trip to someplace new? You can't you miss home if you never go away.

Kid's Stuff

kids-th Blast those meddling kids! They always want to do something "fun," but finding quality entertainment can be a challenge. Check out some kid tested (and adult approved) things to do with the kids when you all need a little escape.

Ohio Events

events-th Ohio has things going on...like ALL the freaking time. Seriously, this state just doesn't quit! Every now and then it's nice to leave behind the typical activities and head off for an adventure at one of Ohio's many festivals, fairs and special events. Who knows, you may even find a new yearly tradition.

Local Restaurants

food-th Food is an essential ingredient (pun alert!) for enjoying life. But there's more to eating than shoveling food into your mouth. Every meal should be an experience of yummy goodness flowing over your taste buds as it heads to the party in your tummy.

Want The Hero of Canton to check out your favorite event, activity or restaurant? Drop me a line at Hero@TheHeroOfCanton.com.