Rooster’s Restaurant

As advertised, Roosters is a fun, casual joint where you don’t need to think about what you eat.

A sandwich just ain’t a sandwich unless it’s got a slab of cow in it.

I wanted to title this post “Just Another Cock-a-Doody Sports Bar” but I was afraid that too many readers wouldn’t get the reference to Misery. I wasn’t being disgusting, I promise.


I don’t go to chain restaurants too often anymore. It’s not that I have anything against them–there are plenty of chains that I enjoy quite a bit–it’s just that over the past several years I hadn’t really had an opportunity to explore. You don’t find those hidden gems or experience the local flavor when all you do is chain restaurants.

But every now and then I make an exception. Especially if it’s one I’ve never been to before, and someone else is paying.

Monday was one of those days. Jen was looking for a place to take the kids before we headed off to Nickajack Farms. She dug up some coupons from my entertainment book, put the bark collar on the dog and we headed out.


Roosters is one of those clever restaurants. You know the ones I’m talking about. The kind that make their employees wear 15 pieces of flare or have chotchkies hanging all over the walls. That doesn’t make it a bad place to eat, its just that kind of place.

I enjoyed reading many of the signs on the wall that said things like “My wife and I were happy for 20 years, and then we met,” or “Super lotto: One winner, millions of losers.” Basically, Roosters is a fun, casual joint.

See? They’re fun and causual, it says so right there!

Most restaurants have several dining sections, but Roosters on Dressler is just one giant open room. The tables were large enough to sleep three comfortably. It was clean and spacious making it a perfect place to go when you have large groups. Kick back with some friends, drink a few brewskies, and watch one of the many large-screen TVs hung on the walls. I counted 32 of them. (Could that be right? Someone please verify.)

Roosters is essentially a kid-friendly sports bar. They boast a pretty decent kids menu, including a pretty decent grilled cheese sandwich and fried macaroni and cheese. Jen ordered both for her kids, finding the fried mac and cheese greasy enough to make a pizza jealous. I tried one; T.G.I. Friday’s does it better.


After studying their sizable menu, I ordered a steak sandwich with onion and mushrooms. As far as steak sandwiches go, I enjoyed it as much I’ve enjoyed any other. The steak was cooked as ordered and it came with plenty of toppings. The mushrooms and onions are my favorite steak topping, rarely ordering without, and these did not disappoint.

Jen ordered chicken strips, a favorite of my own kids. I never quite understood the whole eating chicken strips at a restaurant. That’s kind of a pull-it-out-of-the-freezer-and throw-it-in-the-oven meal. Surely there’s something better on the menu! But as far as chicken strips go, Jen rated these a 4 out of 5 which says something.


Our appetizers were served with our meals. We got a hold of some bacon cheddar wedges and onion petals. The only other place I’ve had cheddar wedges was from Jack-in-the-box. I can’t say I noticed a distinguishable difference other than the wedges at Roosters are slightly smaller but come in larger quantities. More wedges, more bacon and more cheese.

The onion petals were quite good, better than I’ve had at most places. The sauce they come with was also very tasty.

The meals at Roosters don’t come with the obligatory fries but most items are cheap enough that they don’t need to. It gives you the opportunity to select an appetizer of your choice to go with your meal.

Our waitress was great, and very good with the kids, paying far more attention to their nonsensical ramblings than was warranted. Though she certainly wasn’t keeping up on her 80′s music trivia. For shame!

Roosters is a pressure-free restaurant. It’s perfect for a casual meal with friends and family. You don’t go having have high-expectations of the food, nor do you leave disappointed. But you might have some fun while you’re there.

More Roosters Info

My Cost: 2 adults, 2 kids – $28
Hats off: 3/5 
Roosters website
Roosers Restaurant menu (pdf)
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4335 Dressler Rd NW
Canton, Ohio
(330) 546-7001