Bill and Mary’s Diner

Bill and Mary’s Diner has the best potato cakes ever… and some other food too.

Smothered in cheese, this philly cheese steak omelet left something to be desired.

Ever have one of those mornings when you planned everythign just right only to find out you had your timing off? Sunday was one of those days.

Jen and I were going to try out the adult Sunday School class before church service so we had to make sure each of us was up earlier than normal for a Sunday morning. I knew we had to leave before 8:45 to make sure we could get to class by 9am. I was ready to go on time but found Jen to be running a bit late. curling her hair and, you know… women stuff. She finished up about 8:50, we put the bark collar on the dog and headed out.

There are two routes we could have gone and, absentmindedly, I took the longer route. Come five minutes after 9 and we were still five minutes out. We figured better never than late, so we opted to make another detour to breakfast instead. We’d still have enough time to eat and get to the 11 O’clock service on time.

Not far off our route was Bill and Mary’s Diner. Just the night before @MAPSAirMuseum had tweeted me the suggestion, “Could be THE BEST steak and eggs b’fast in the area.” What better time than now to check it out?

Bill and Mary’s Diner in North Canton is a small diner on Main Street, just across the street from Mama Guzzardi’s Italian Restaurant. We were told to seat ourselves so we found a table in the front of the restaurant up against the far corner. The dining area stretched back parallel to the kitchen on the entrance side.


We got our menus and drinks in short order and spent some time looking over our dining options. Bill and Mary’s has some traditional favorites on the menu as well as some items that are off the familiar path. The menu contains a number of items that could have used some explanation (What’s on a Bubba Burger?) but no details were provided.

If you like soda, Bill and Mary’s have their own brand of Cream Soda and Root Beer. had it not been breakfast, I would have tried one. Maybe next time.

I love a good Philly Cheese Steak. Whether its a sandwich, a Pizza (my favorite pizza of all time,) or… what’s this? A Philly Cheese Steak omelet? Oh, I gotta have that. I decided to forgo the recommendation made by @MAPSAirMuseum and ordered the Philly omelet instead, which comes with home fries and English muffin.

I was a tad disappointed with the Philly Cheese Steak omelet. Maybe I’m just a cheese steak snob, but it didn’t do it for me. The omelet tasted just fine, just not as good as I expected. The home fries were another matter all together. With enough salt they were good enough to eat, but didn’t have enough natural flavor of their own to make them worth the effort.


Jen ordered a couple of eggs, some sausage links, a handful of potato cakes, and a pancake with wheat toast. She didn’t think her meal was anything worth writing home about either, with one glaring exception. What was that exceptional exception that exploded all expectations? What was that delectable delight that was so dang delicious?

Potato cakes.

I’ve never had potato cakes before. The closest I’ve ever come is the hash browns you get with your Egg McMuffin at the Micky D’s. But those aren’t potato cakes are they? No, those are the red-headed step-child of potato cakes.

I’m a big fan of potato. I loved baked potato, I like french fries from all sorts of places, I like potato chips, I even like Mr. Potato head. But the king of all things potato? Potato cakes. Is this what all potato cakes taste like? Are these the standard bearer of potato cakes?

Is Bill and Mary’s Diner the flagship diner in the world of potato cakes? Because if I ever have potato cakes even half this good again I’d still be a very happy man. And top that off, they are served with with the world’s all-time best condiment: Sour Cream! Just when you thought potato cakes couldn’t get any better!

While I was drooling over the potato cakes on Jen’s plate I realized something completely non-potato cake related. Sunday School wasn’t at 9am, it started at 10am! Jen and I had time to finish our meal and make it class with time to spare!

Bill and Mary’s is a traditional breakfast and lunch diner. The service wasn’t particularly fast and the food wasn’t exceptionally good. Service was a bit slow with a lot of chatter going on behind the counter. It was simply a place to come and get something to eat. Nothing more.

There are a lot of places I would avoid and this certainly isn’t one of them. If I ever find myself late for church again I might make another stop there for breakfast, but it’s not a place I’d go out of my way for. Except for those potato cakes. I’d go out of my way for those.

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My Cost: 2 adults – $18
Hats off: 2/5 
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