Chuck E. Cheeses

Chuck E. Cheese’s on The Strip is clean, safe and a rare place that both kids and parents can enjoy.

Lose your kids in the Skytubes, just don’t leave them behind.

As if an hour at Pump It Up wasn’t enough of a birthday treat for Emmitt, Jen rallied the troops for another couple of hours at Chuck E. Cheese’s for dinner and games. Yes, Chuck E. Cheese’s is a kids joint, but Rachel’s just like a kid so we let her come too.

We put the bark collar on the dog and headed out.

I’ve been to a few Chuck E. Cheese’s over the years, both as a kid and as an adult taking kids. It’s never been one of my favorite places. In fact I have dubbed it “The Headache Factory.”

I love kids. Well, mostly just my own. Let’s try that again… I like kids, but I can only handle so much screaming, yelling, crying, pooping, sniveling and screaming in a short period of time. But if you can get them laughing… that’s just the best.

In all my past experiences, the food at Chuck E. Cheese’s is terrible, the games are brokeen-down and it’s a living, breathing germ incubator. The Chuck E. Cheese’s on the strip gave me new hope in the human race.

Ok, so the food was still bland, but this was the cleanest Chuck E. Cheese’s I’ve ever visited. The place was immaculate.

We got there early before the dinner rush. There were a handful of people mulling about but the games were wide open. I got a good look around, snapped some photos and then thought, “to hell with this. I’m gonna live!” (Obscure movie reference. Can you name it?) I put the camera away and played a few games myself.

Rachel and I rode the virtual roller coaster. We selected the Elvira track which was kind of like watching a video while getting a back massage. Later Jen and I returned for a soaring adventure coaster. Movements on this track were a lot more dramatic and made for a much more entertaining ride.

Jen bought about 170 tokens so between the five of us (three adults and two kids) we were all set. Jen mostly followed Nora and Emmitt around pumping coins into the machines and letting them collect tickets. Only there were no coins, just token cards that work like a debit card.

The cards get loaded with your purchased number of tokens. Each game requires a swipe of the card in which the token is debited off. Pretty cool. No hassles with holding coins, or worries that the kids will set a cup full of tokens down and forget about it. It’s a nice system and not one I’ve seen before at any Chuck E. Cheese’s I’ve visited.

We ordered a couple of pizza pies and the food was just as bad as ever. But really, who comes to Chuck E. Cheese’s for gourmet pizza? It’s all about the kids, and kids don’t care how good (or bad) pizza tastes. This is why I don’t give kids Jelly Belly’s since regular dime-a-dozen jelly beans will do just fine!

After pizza, it was back to the games. There was a sign telling adults to take their shoes off and join the kids in the sky tubes. I’ve always been a stickler for rules, so Jen and I followed behind Nora and Emmitt.

The tubes cover a good amount of distance. It’s a great way to lose your kids for 10 to 20 minutes depending on how quickly you want to go in and rescue them. Skytubes are a great way to get more play area out of a small space. Games below, skytubes above. It took Jen and I about 10 minutes to climb through it all, and we missed an entire section.

The safety factor at Chuck E. Cheeses is always an added bonus (no child can leave without the properly stamped adult!) and if you’ve got the tokens, kids can play for hours and never get bored. Many of the games give off tickets which the kids can turn in to purchase toys and other junk. $10 will get them enough tickets to buy a $0.10 toy!

Chuck E. Cheese’s makes for great indoor play during the cold winter months. There is no cost of admission and no minimum purchase required so technically you could have the kids play on the skytubes for an hour and not spend a dime. However for the sake of keeping that place clean and sanitary, I suggest patronizing them. Sodas and a handful of tokens don’t cost much at all.

For what you’d pay for a movie, you Chuck E. Cheese’s can provide a lot of hassle-free exercise and entertainment for the kids. We left with 70+ tokens; enough to come back on a rainy day for another hour of fun, games and a couple of sodas.

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Cost: Pizza and soda for 3 adults, 2 kids and 170 tokens – $42
Hats off: 4/5 
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