Lindsay’s Amber Restaurant

Take your family to Lindsay’s Amber Restaurant for a nice meal in a friendly environment.

Warm, tasty and melts in your mouth.

This may come as a surprise to you but I really don’t get to eat out that often. Many people I know eat out several times each week. Usually a quick lunch at a sandwich shop or maybe something more extravagant. Between breakfast, lunch and dinner seven days a week, I’m lucky if I get to eat out two or three times.

Now that I’m writing about all my experiences I’m trying to go out more frequently and to make it something worth writing about. When on a budget, eating out has to be strategic. I frequently use coupons from I’ve got a stack of them sitting next to my computer.

Sunday morning Jen and I decided we’d go out for lunch. We grabbed a stack of coupons, put the bark collar on the dog and headed out.

After church, about a quarter til 11:00, Jen rummaged through the stack of coupons and found one for Jimmy’s in Canton. Pulling into the parking lot the place looked suspect. Lots of plastic hanging off the patio areas and very few cars in the lot. As we got out and made our way to the entrance someone met us at the door. “We don’t open til noon,” he said brusquely.

Ah, that explains the lack of vehicles. He could have been friendlier, though.

The rest of the coupons we had were for places in Akron. We either had to take the 30 minute trek or go to someplace local. Ichiban Japanese Buffet was on my mind but we figured, what the heck, we don’t get out of Canton much, lets try the Ohio Brewing Company in Akron.

We got off the freeway and followed the GPS to the restaurant. I drove past looking for a place to park, and found meter parking just down the street. Jen thought it was a good idea for me to walk up to see if they were actually open before we pumped the meter full of coins. Good thing she’s brilliant. Not only was Ohio Brewing Company closed, the front door was heavily chained and padlocked shut. Uh-oh. Someone was bad.

What’s next on our list? How about Cilantro Thai and Sushi? We have a coupon for that. So we drove another ten minutes only to find that Cilantro is closed on Sunday until dinner. Sigh.

By now we’ve just about given up on lunch. Three restaurants. Two cities. One hour. Zero food. Does that seem right to you?

We have one more coupon for Lindsay’s Amber Restaurant in Akron. My belly needed food so I was praying they were open.

We pulled into the parking lot in front of Lindsay’s and sure enough the place was hopping. But what’s this, is it seniors only day? As we drove by and peered through the windows, that’s about all we saw inside. Then we saw carload after carload pull up and unload more seniors.

Trepidly we walked in, looked around, and spotted a few people under 60 that didn’t appear to be eating with someone who has their Buckeye Card. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t have any problems with older folks. I plan to be one myself some day. But I still fancy myself as young (though I’m rapidly approaching 40) so I want to eat where all the “cool kids” eat.


We took a seat near the front and watched as older folks continued to pour in. Lindsay’s Amber Restaurant is a very popular place on Sundays. The joint filled up quickly, but the staff handled it all smoothly. At no point did we feel the waitress took too long to take our order, deliver our food or check back up on us to make sure we were doing okay.

Loaded Potato Skins

We were delivered some very warm, and very tasty bread. A whole loaf was brought out to us with butter. It was soft and melted right in your mouth. Wow. I’m not a bread guy, but this was good stuff. Unfortunately we had no bread plates so we made quite a crumb mess all over the table.

Chicken Strip Salad

I ordered the potato skins and a Swiss Mushroom burger. Jen ordered the chicken strip salad.

The potato skins weren’t so much skins as slightly hallowed out potato halves. Plenty of potato left in these skins and that’s all right with me. The skins were about as good as I’ve had anywhere, if not better. Loaded with cheese and bacon they are served with my favorite condiment; sour cream.

Mushroom Swiss Burger

Jen enjoyed her chicken salad plenty, too. I ordered one to go (to hit the $35 minimum for the coupon) and even then I was plenty pleased with it.

The Swiss Mushroom burger didn’t do anything for me. I think I have to stop ordering hamburgers at restaurants. I get such good burgers from Jen and I love a Whopper above all others, that everything else pales in comparison.

The service was great, the atmosphere was typical and the food was good. If I lived in the area I could see Lindsay’s being a place to go when I needed an easy meal with friends on a Sunday afternoon.

More Lindsay’s Amber Restaurant Info

Cost: Three meals plus appetizer – $39
Hats off: 3/5 
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1395 Canton Rd
Akron, Ohio
(330) 733-9611