Main Street Grille

Main Street Grille is a surprising little restaurant that offers more than meets the eye.

Somewhere under all those mushrooms a pasta awaits to be eaten.

I normally do all my eating out with Jen but on a few occasions I find other/new friends to eat with. I got to know @martijen on Twitter. She’s a freelance copywriter and I’m frequently in the need of copywriting services for my clients. I invited Jen out to lunch as a get-to-know-each-other session and see if we wanted to work together.

We set a lunch date which got bumped a couple of times due to my own illness, then finally were able to meet a few weeks later.

I made a few wrong turns on my way there but eventually found the place. I had actually driven right by the parking lot, but its in the back and I didn’t see any signs. Once I found the front of the restaurant I drove to the back and parked.

Jen and I arrived pretty much at the same time so we introduced ourselves and headed in through the back door.

Lunch was great. So is Jen.

The inside of Main Street Grille was a bit dark. We walked past the bar area and were seated near the front door where some natural light filtered in. At first glance, Main Street Grille looks small, but the multi-room layout makes it much larger than it appears.

Initially, I thought Main Street Grille was a small two room establishment with a small bar. I’ve since returned to have dinner with Jen (the usual one) and Rachel and we discovered there’s a lower level as well.

The downstairs features another room with a dozen or so tables, a small bar, a sitting area, a piano and a projector. When I asked what the projector was for, the waitress told me they play classic movies during dinner on Tuesday nights. (By classics, they mean Cary Grant movies, not Die Hard. Oh well.)

Both times the silverware was splotchy which is not the kind of thing I like to see at a restaurant. The waitress brought me my salad and some bread. There is not much to say about the salad, nothing spectacular, but the rolls were warm and extremely good.


I’ve been trying to broaden my culinary horizons when I eat out these days, so I ordered some type of Portobello Mushroom pasta. (BLAST! I forgot to grab a menu on my way out!) As you can see from the picture above, the pasta was absolutely covered with Portobello Mushrooms and sun dried tomatoes. Absolutely fantastic.

That’s one big chunk of meat!

Jen (from Twitter) got a Mozzarella Salad which looked good, though they went a bit light on the vinaigrette. Jen asked for some more on the side and the waitress was happy to get it for her.

On my next visit I ordered the prime rib. What I got was almost half a cow! This was the thickest, juiciest, and tastiest prime rib I have ever had the pleasure of being placed in front of me. It melted in my mouth and the taste was like nothing I’ve ever had before. It was every bit worth $27!

Jen ordered a tasty Chicken Bruchetta pasta and Rachel got the Seafood Alfredo. I didn’t taste the seafood pasta but I did have some of the Chicken Bruchetta. Rachel loved her seafood pasta, but Jen thought the Chicken Bruchetta would have done better with some balsamic glaze. I added a bit of salt when I tried it and enjoyed it very much.


I enjoyed both my lunch and dinner experiences equally. The downstairs offers a classier atmosphere, one that you might expect from a much more expensive restaurant. Lunch was just as good, and in all cases the service was wonderful.

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My Cost: 2 adults – $22
Hats off: 5/5 
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123 South Main Street
North Canton, OH 44720
(330) 497-1117