Pump It Up Inflatable Party Zone

Clean, safe and indoors, Pump It Up provides kids a high-energy hour of bounce-off-the-walls fun.

Pump It Up: Hours of fun for the kids… and the kid in you!

It’s Emmit’s birthday. He already had a birthday party with his dad and will have a family party with his mom later this week. But Monday was the actual big day so Jen wanted to do something fun for him. So we put the bark collar on the dog and headed out to Pump It Up Inflatable Party Zone.

I’ve visited two other inflatable party places in Reno, including another Pump it Up. It was a bit difficult being here without my own kids who are back in Reno with their mother. These things make me miss them a great deal. But today is Emmitt’s day and he made the most of it!

Jen didn’t get the full party experience since Emmitt had other party plans in place. This was kind of a last-minute addition to the birthday schedule (yay coupon books!) We came just for the 90-minutes of open play time, but I did a little bit of investigation into the full-party package.

Pump It Up has two inflatable playrooms. The typical party starts with a safety video everyone has to watch, then the kids all pour into the first of the two inflatable play zones. After 40 minutes of fun, the kids are then shuffled into the next inflatable playroom for another exhausting 40 minutes. I think the goal here is to make sure all the kids are physically and mentally destroyed before their sugar rush hits after cake and ice cream. Ah, every parent’s dream… an exhausted yet hyper child!

I didn’t get a look at the first inflatable zone since nothing was inflated but I was told there is a large slide and a 2-person obstacle course. I’ve seen the obstacle course at other places and it’s pretty darn cool. The open play time only opens up the second room for 90 minutes.

When you enter the second inflatable jump room you see three large inflatable structures. Directly ahead is a big yellow slide standing about 20 feet tall, six feet wide and an 80 degree angle going down. It’s nice and slick which gives the kids a quick zoom down to the bottom where they slow on the extended air-filled landing area.

Immediately on the left is a large enclosed jungle gym. You climb in and you see a ladder directly in front of you with two slides going down, one on the right the other on the left. These are steep, but short, slides that are perfect for younger kids afraid of the big one. The enclosed jungle gym also has a spelling area with large inflatable letters and punching/bag bumpers that all the kids seemed to enjoy.

Next to the inflatable gym is a small soccer area. Kids try to kick the ball into the goal, which is two small holes at the far end. Apparently, hands are permitted in this soccer game! With the 20 or so kids there at the time, this was easily the least popular attraction.

In the back corner is an inflatable basket ball bounce court. Hoops are a few feet up on either side and a whole lot of inflatable bouncing coolness in between. Many of the kids went in there just to jump around as the inflatable court provided the largest free jump space in the room.

If you’re looking for peace and tranquility you’ll want to go elsewhere. It’s not quiet. Music is pumped (pardon the pun) into the play area, but it’s not overbearing. Just enough to keep the place from feeling dull and lifeless and get the kid’s energy juices flowing.

All of the staff were extremely courteous and with each visit they give away some kind of freebie coupon. This time it was a personal pan pizza from Pizza Hut. Next time, who knows… it could be a free ice cream, I was told.

I was impressed with how clean Pump It Up is. The walls were clean and bright as if they had just been painted, though I doubt they were. It looks like they do a good amount of regular maintenance to keep the place as spotless as possible. The carpet wasn’t worn, nor was the floor. For good measure there is a king-size bottle of hand sanitizer floating around so no kid leaves the inflatable zone germified.

Pump It Up isn’t just for parties, though it’s great for those as well. But its a perfect place to take the kids so they can burn off some energy on a day when you can’t get them to stop bouncing off the walls of your home. Bouncing off the walls is an acceptable, and preferred, activity at Pump It Up.

Open play time lasts about an hour and a half, which is just enough to let the kids get worn out and back home for nap time. The kids said it was their favorite day ever! Admittedly, with the memories of a goldfish it’s not a high hurdle to jump, but still, anything kids leave from happy is a victory!

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Cost: 2 kids – $16, 2 adults – free
Hats off: 4/5 
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