Samantha’s Sunny Corner Restaurant

Samantha’s Sunny Corner Restaurant is the diner where “everyone knows your name.”

The mushroom swiss, loaded with cheese!

On Friday I was invited out to lunch with Jen, her mother and her two kids. Never one to turn down a free meal (yes, you can have lunch with The Hero of Canton, too. Just offer!) I readily agreed. Jen had Samantha’s in mind and asked me to check online for coupons. I looked at the usual spotsbut came up short. So much for the sign at Samantha’s front entrance telling patrons to check online for coupons. I had, dang it!

So with no coupons in hand, Jen and her mother swung by my apartment. I put the bark collar on the dog and we headed out.

While Jen signed her kids out from school I flipped through my entertainment book looking for some alternative food choices. You know… some place that does provide coupons. There were a lot of options, but nothing really said “come eat here.” Vickie and I decided to give up the search and stick with Samantha’s Sunny Corner Restaurant.

I always wanted to be able to sit down in a restaurant and tell the waitress, “I’ll have the usual, please.” Samantha’s Sunny Corner Restaurant, just might be that place.

There are four Samantha’s Restaurants in Canton, all owned and operated by members of one local family. Each of the four restaurants operate independently of the others. Don’t go looking for uniformity of design, menu, service or taste because you may not find it between one Samantha’s and the next. From my research online it appears that only one of the four Samantha’s Restaurants is the “Sunny Corner,” which is the one on Hills and Dales.

When you walk in to Samantha’s Sunny Corner you get that small-diner feel. It’s a cozy little place with a dozen or so tables spread around the dining room. We were seated at a rickety wooden table by the front door with silverware wrapped in paper napkins, stuck inside the brown coffee mugs waiting for us on the table. The table gave me cause for concern, easily rocked back and forth and very squeaky. I made a point not to lean on it too heavily.

Samantha’s isn’t just a kid-friendly restaurant, it’s kid-welcoming. Nora and Emmitt were brought actual coloring books (not just a coloring menu) and a mug full of crayons, instead of the normal pack of two or three. Samantha’s is also very Grandma-friendly. Vickie ordered hot tea and was brought four different flavors of tea to sample.

Our waitress, Heidi, (who we later found out was the owner, and very adept at sucking up), was extremely friendly. She took my sarcastic barbs with great humor and was helpful throughout our meal. At one point Vickie cut Emmitt’s pancake into pieces that were “too small”, sending him into an uncontrollable fit of crying rage. While Jen whisked him out the front doors until he settled, Heidi saw what had happened, grabbed his plate and quickly returned with a fresh, uncut pancake. Who needs grandmas when you have a waitress to spoil your kids?

Looking at the menu I couldn’t decide between breakfast or lunch. There’s a lot of options to choose from. I asked Heidi what the worst thing on the menu was. When she answered, “nothing,” I knew we had a problem. How could I trust her to be honest after that obvious lie. C’mon, Heidi, you serve liver and onions for crying out loud!

Yeah, I set her up, and she took it in good humor. She’s the owner, each meal is like one of her children. She has to love them all the same, even the liver and onions.

I decided to go with the Swiss Mushroom Burger and got a look from Heidi when I asked if it came with cheese. Duh… Swiss!

When it comes to food I have three ratings:

I never want to see that on my plate again
I’m happy to eat it
I want more.

Most food falls in that middle category, which is where the Mushroom Swiss burger cleanly landed. It was plenty juicy with gooey melted cheese encompassing some tasty mushrooms and grilled onions (Heidi offered to grill them instead of giving them to me raw!) The burger fell apart in my hands and I had to finish eating it with a fork. (Emmitt’s pancake broke and Heidi brings him a new one. My burger broke and I get a big fat, “too bad!”)

I wasn’t a big fan of the french fries or the hash browns that Vickie let me taste. Vickie liked the hash browns but neither really did anything for me.

Jen ordered a Ham and Cheese Omelet with a buttermilk pancake plus a pumpkin pancake. I had a taste of the omelet and it made me wish I had ordered breakfast instead of lunch. The pumpkin pancake was, well, it was a pancake and I’m just not a huge fan of those. Jen, on the other hand, dubbed the pumpkin pancake “totally yummy” (her words, not mine. I would have said something profound like “flavalicous”) and she’d come back for them each year for a seasonal treat. The Pumpkin pancake was slathered with cinnamon butter which was “beyond amazing.”

Vickie ordered two eggs over medium, ham and hash brows. She was perfectly pleased with her meal and talked about returning to Samantha’s the next time she’s in town. The kids both scarfed down their pancakes and quickly turned on Jen for more.

Samantha’s Sunny Corner Restaurant is the type of place that customers make their regular dining hole. Whether for breakfast, lunch or dinner, patrons come here because they know the staff and they enjoy the food. It’s a nice place to eat a good meal, with great company. It’s a place where the staff know you by name.

While my meal wasn’t notably outstanding or exceptional, I want to visit Samantha’s again to try something different. I’d be more likely to go for breakfast, it just feels like one of those breakfast-y places.

Heidi was a great host, very pleasant and entertaining… and if she sees you with a camera, she might suck up to you too! I should note here that all of my jabs here at Heidi are done in good humor; an extension of our interaction in the restaurant. Rarely do I meet someone who can hold their own against my sarcastic barbs.

If it wasn’t for the Heidi and the atmosphere she creates at Samantha’s Sunny Corner Restaurant I wouldn’t have thought twice about returning again, but I had such an enjoyable time, I can’t wait to go back.

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Cost: 3 adults, 2 kids – $34
Hats off: 4/5 
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4025 Hills and Dales Rd NW
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